Antony Budianto

Hi, I'm Antony Budianto

software engineer. open source artisan. tech writer.

Hello world!

I'm Antony. I love to follow latest web technology, writing blog posts, and contribute to open source.
My favorite tech stacks are JavaScript, React, React Native, Firebase and Golang.


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Open source

Here are some of my open source projects, feel free to check it out and contribute!

CLI for universal create-react-app without ejecting, zero config, with Hot Module Reload support. Featuring Server-side Rendering and Code-splitting

React User Agent component and provider, using new Context API

React component to save data to localStorage on render phase safely

Simple GitHub client on your mobile. Available on Expo and Google Play.

CLI for developing React UI libraries.

Express middleware for your Firebase applications.

My sponsors:

  • Stan Day (Patreon)